Cultivating work cultures that thrive

We are living in complex and challenging times. We believe that leadership and strong teams have never been more important.

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At Pursuits, we offer a wide range of programs and services to help you achieve your goal.

Quest for Success

Our customized year-long program empowers the organizations we work with to build a culture of inclusion, trust, innovation and respect, in order to help them cultivate teams that thrive.

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With our wide range of programs and services, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. Let us know a little about your goals and we'll help you find the right fit.

Pursuits Group is a consulting team with a deep foundation in the breadth of human experience and expression, especially under challenging circumstances. Pursuits has the heart and talent for seeing that wisdom leveraged organizationally.

We serve individuals and organizations whether start ups, nonprofits, educators, small business, or solopreneurs with a desire to lead with integrity, inclusion, collaboration, purpose and impact. We work with those who recognize and are motivated by the gains in effectiveness, satisfaction, and profitability resulting from upgrading relational competencies and their evolving leadership.

Contact us to create an engaging workplace culture‚Äč

Does your business and team reflect passion, courage, and innovation, with an ability to be themselves - fully engaged?


The 8 Components of Culture

At Pursuits we believe that relationship is key and that culture is built from intention, resource and daily practice of principles, values and skills. We believe that when teams are recognized for their strengths and contributions, organizations thrive.

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