The 3 Elements of Business Growth

Building the right culture is one of the biggest drivers for business growth and employee engagement. –

Think of business success as a wheel. A wheel has a hub, spokes and a rim. The wheel that is your business needs to have these three elements to turn and to move your business to the destination of success that you desire. Business growth and employee engagement are two of the three parts. Let’s view business growth as the rim because that is where the rubber meets the road. When the wheel of your business has traction and momentum you can see progress and measure success. Your people are the spokes of the wheel of your business. Just like the spokes on an actual wheel, each person on your team needs to be strong and in the right position to provide structural support and to do their part in transferring the energy that is coming from the hub to the rim where it can provide the desired forward motion. Finally, your culture is the hub of your business. Just as the hub of a wheel anchors each spoke to the energy source that turns the wheel your culture anchors your people to the energy that drives growth for your business. If that hub is weak or if the spokes are not firmly anchored (engaged) to the hub you cannot depend on the wheel to be able to handle increased stress caused by more energy being put out to the wheel to make it possible to climb the hills between where you are and the place that you would like to reach. The good news is people want to be engaged and to be part of a strong team. If your team isn’t demonstrating that look at your hub, your culture, and seek outside support to build a strong culture hub that will anchor your people so that they can be engaged and effective in pursuit of business growth.