Our Story

Pursuits was founded in 2008 in response to that time of economic and national upheaval.

We recognized the heightened need for us all to navigate wisely, develop the greatest degree of personal & professional resilience, and focus on leadership.

We built a coaching team that would embrace change, engage others, and build relationships and partnerships that exemplify courage and connection.

Here, in 2018 – again a time of ambiguity and rapid change – the need for us to show up as robust leaders intent upon steering our lives and organizations in the wisest of  directions has only increased.

Who We Are

We believe our intimate and professional relationships both have core needs in common:

We are hard-wired to connect—to be human is to be social.

We desire to experience true caring—interactions where we are consciously seen, exchanging respect, and pursuing a common purpose of great value.

What We Do

At Pursuits, we listen deeply, engaging directly with you and your world, and together generate a customized plan enabling you to develop “C” change—wherein you see the change that’s possible, and grow as a result.

We offer our work through contracts, cohorts and coaching. We contract for services,  group cohort programming and 1:1 coaching for business leaders & emerging professionals to explore potent leadership distinctions and apply them effectively with their teams.

We offer our “gold” Quest for Success for organizations as a year long program integrating a discovery process of your organizational needs, vision and goal setting, team development and coaching for implementation. We include pre and post metrics to evaluate and celebrate transformational change

Partners and Companies We Serve

Based in Boulder, Colorado with an international scope.  We work face to face, and through phone and online secure video VSee, to provide the support you need to achieve your goals and dreams.

Leadership Team


Sharla Macy

CEO - Director of Leadership and Team Development
Full of zest; Appreciator of Beauty and Excellence, Creative.

Chris Sansome

Chris Sansome

Director of Organizational Development
Spiritual, Curious, Lover of Life and Learning Strategic, Outcome-Driven, Inclusive

SS Ruth at Fountain(1)

Ruth Beauchamp

Director of Innovation
Creative, Honest, Forgiving, and Curious

Diana-Tepe- Pursuits

Diana Tepe

Director of Marketing


Rossana Miranda-Johnston

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Specialist
Enabler of success for others


Jill Fleishman, JD

Director of Community Outreach Inspired Activist


Dan Macy

Director of Career Direction and Meaningful Work
Lover of Learning and Life; Humorist, Curious


Merix Gustin

Director of Operations
Kind, Lover of Learning, Attention to Detail

Alison Repp

Alison Repp

Empowerment Specialist
Natural leader: Inspires through love and excitement for life


Josh Coyle

Ambassador & Mentor
Optimistic Dreamer, Hopeful Creative, Honest Human


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