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3 Ways To Spark Culture Change

In this article, I will identify three ways that contribute and spark company culture and culture  change: Start with the good. Everyone has strengths and

Why Coaching?

Do you need a coach?  Only if you want to be sure that you reach and stay at the top of your game!  Professional athletes

Slow Relationships

One of our ongoing basic needs as a human being is to feel close to another person.  We need to feel like we belong somewhere. 

Slow Work

Slow Work

The concept of work-life balance seems to be a hot topic of conversation.  Since stress is currently the leading cause of long-term illness in the

Slow Food

In honor of our annual tradition of gathering with friends and family around a full table to give thanks for all of our blessings, this

Slow Down!

In most of Europe, the work day begins at 9am.  Lunch can fall anywhere between 11:00am and 2:00pm, and people generally take ample time to

The 3 Elements of Business Growth

Building the right culture is one of the biggest drivers for business growth and employee engagement. – Think of business success as a wheel.

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