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Just One Thing, by Rick Hansen

Scientists believe that your brain has a built-in negativity bias. This is because, as our ancestors dodged sticks and chased carrots over millions of years of evolution, the sticks had the greater urgency and impact on survival.

Create Your Career on the Path

Soul searching? Looking for some inspiration? Not sure what’s next in your life script? Is there a challenge you are working through? Consider creating your

The Quest for Success

We are embarking on an entirely new concept of what it means to achieve success. Success is not a destination, it’s a quest. What does this image conjure within you? An Odyssey… a heroic journey?

The Quest to Attain Business Success

Is absenteeism or conflict on the rise in your business? Is moral low? Are your clients happy? These kinds of problems can derail business success. But they can be overcome. Join us in an exercise that will shed light on the issues that may be preventing your business from being successful.

Mindfully Tending Your Garden of Health and Wellness

Promoting health and wellness is similar to tending to a garden. By pulling weeds, planting flowers, and enjoying the view you’ll cultivate your body’s natural tendency toward radiant health and happiness.

Designing a Life of Purpose and Passion

Are you looking for a more meaningful life? A life full of joy? This article identifies tools, resources and services that will support and guide you through the stages of change and transition that are necessary to achieve a life of purpose and passion.

Empathy: The Bridge To Connection

The last post for our series on “Resilient Love: How to Survive a Broken Heart” is “Empathy: The Bridge to Connection”. To reflect, validate and

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