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Resilient Love

How do we survive the loss of a dream, the heartbreak of the loss of a love, a job, a  tragic diagnosis from the doctor?

Choosing Assertiveness

Article by Stephanie Helsel What exactly does it mean to communicate assertively?  “ Am I being selfish or too aggressive when I stand up for

Finding work you were meant to do

Published in the Therapist Directory & Guide by Nina Friedman Are your thoughts on the job more about Friday Afternoon Club and weekend fun than

Growing Wings: The Power of Change

I used to think I knew how some caterpillars become butterflies. I assumed they weave cocoons, then sit inside growing six long legs, four wings,

So What Should I Eat?

By Cynthia Stadd, HHC, EPC Most people find themselves identifying with one of the following two categories when it comes to food and nutrition: I

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