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At Pursuits, we offer a wide range of programs and services to hep you achieve your goal.

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Leadership Coaching

We find many of our customers lack clarity, or self-sabotage, but have the drive to achieve more. We help you self-actualize your goals, overcome the negative, and reach your goals.

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Team Development

A business is only as strong as its leadership and team. We believe that relational strength and skill is essential for business growth and productivity. Far too often, there is a lack of clarity, communication, recognition and the sense of contribution that erodes the climate and culture.

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Professional Growth

Career Coaching delves into the problems within a given professional role, assistance with outplacement and deep work in aligning purpose and passion with career identity and development.

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Workers not Communicating

Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Our Mediation and Dispute Resolution programs are perfect for work teams needing to increase communication more effectively with others in order to effectively resolve conflicts. Employee/employers; Board Members, Co-workers

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