Alison Repp


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Alison Repp

Empowerment Specialist
Natural leader: Inspires through love and excitement for life
Alison is known for inspiring others through her zest for life and embodying the principles she teaches to others. She brings a passion for empowering individuals to create their own reality through an approach that is grounded in Eastern philosophy.  Her straightforward and authentic demeanor, combined with warmth and humor, challenges and inspires individuals to make change from the inside out.
Alison graduated with honors from her Master’s program in Mental Health Counseling in 2012 and is certified in Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence. Up until the birth of her second daughter, she had a successful private practice, mainly catering to high-powered individuals struggling with the stress that comes with great responsibility. She also has a background as an executive trainer, teaching the same skills to groups as she did to private clients. She left her private practice to join Pursuits with the desire to broaden her impact on people’s lives.
Alison integrates her background in psychotherapy and executive training with her deep understanding and application of Universal laws to help clients break through barriers keeping them from living their fullest potential. Her focus is on enabling clients to take charge of their experiences, rather than falling victim to their circumstances. She believes there is no separation between personal and professional lives, and therefore helps clients to overcome barriers in all areas of life.


“Alison’s impact on my mindset and approach to life was immediate, as she employs tactics that disrupt unhelpful patterns and encourage deep reflection and ownership of outcomes. When working with Alison, I learned to stop relying on self-delusion to carry me through difficult situations, stopped positioning myself as the victim of circumstances, and started taking actions that aligned with my personal and professional values instead. As a result, I am a better manager and colleague, a better partner to my spouse, and better mother to my child.”

“Alison has guided me toward palpable professional improvements, including my ability to communicate effectively, regulate my stress and emotional responses, and manage my own engagement in my work, increasing my efficiency and productivity.”

“I cannot recommend Alison Repp highly enough. To say that working with her has changed my life is a cliche that is entirely, unreservedly accurate. She will disrupt your unproductive habits, empower you to reach your long-term goals, and she will make you laugh along the way. If you are ready to make real, substantive changes in your approach to your personal and professional life, Alison is the person you want in your corner.”

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