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Cate Cook

Cate has an educational background in Community Health and life experience in trial and error.  She comes to Pursuits Coaching with extensive experience navigating the ever changing tides of education, friendship, partnership, heartache, career changes, spiritual crisis, and general life befuddlement.
She cares deeply about building this amorphous thing we all call community. She has done this for the past ten years through various avenues: Through her work at the Boulder Chamber, Clinica Campesina, Public Health Department and Conflict Resolution. voter empowerment,   her support of those experiencing, grief, food insecurity, health disparities the find your feet after
Cate spent the last ten years working and volunteering in the health and public health field. With training in grief and crisis support, she has been by the side of many families and individuals through the turbulent and uncharted waters of loss and potential loss of loved ones.
The turbulence of food insecurity in the US and around the world is also a motivating truth for Cate. This reality is something that she has been working to understand more dynamically and to actively reverse through education, food rescue, college campus campaigns, political advocacy, voter empowerment and community engagement.
Community engagement has been the thread through her entire life that brings her to her current work with the Member Relations Team at the Boulder Chamber. Here Cate has the pleasure of helping businesses reach their goals through networking, online engagement and educational opportunities.
After completing the Rebuilders Seminar, Cate began to recognize a deep need for relationship support in the years before marriage or long-term commitments.
Fun Fact! Cate biked from Portland, OR to Boston, MA with a group of powerful women exploring the community impact of cooperative business models along the way!

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