“A burden shared is only half a trouble, Joy that’s shared is joy made double” – a European proverb, as quoted in a Michelle Shocked song


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Daniel Ziskin, Phd

Technical Support

Daniel is motivated by a desire to help where needed and to reduce waste.

Daniel grew up in southern New Jersey. He received a PhD in physics from The Johns Hopkins University in 1993. His dissertation was about how clouds act as a feedback mechanism on the Earth’s climate. He worked as a satellite data specialist for 20 years at NASA, NCAR, and NOAA.

He is beginning his second career as a computer support specialist dedicated to helping you get you the most out of the bewildering world of technology. He thrives on being helpful and enabling people to achieve their goals. His offerings include:

  • App Development
  • Website Support
  • Excel
  • Data Management
  • Database Management
  • Photoshop
  • Computer Support
  • Satellite Data
  • Science
  • Non-Profit Consultant
  • Zero-Waste
  • Alternative Transportation

His company is called Escape Goat Data.

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