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Ivan Junge, MA

Marketing and User Experience Design

Ivan Jungé is a seasoned business strategist who focuses on user experience design and marketing communications solutions. He is known for his expertise in sales and marketing operations, account management, and technical administration. He strives to create the best client experience possible, in all areas.

With a background in the fine arts and psychology Ivan has been working in marketing and advertising since 1997 where he began building webpages in the Philadelphia area. He received an undergraduate degree from Rochester Institute of Technology in Graphic Design and a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. He worked in the skiing industry in New York State, and has been doing marketing consulting projects in the Boulder/Denver area since 2004.

He believes that understanding people and their lives is key to producing the best results. His efforts highlight, enhance and develop brand awareness, new market strategies, and campaigns to further the success of his organizational partners.

Ivan enjoys carving out time for clients who have a particular interest making positive change ripples in their communities.

A designer who doesn’t understand psychology is going to be no more successful than an architect who doesn’t understand physics.  -Joe Leech, product strategist and UX designer

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