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Jackson Wolfe, BA, MA

Jackson’s overseas experience started as an exchange student to the Netherlands while in high school and after college was a Peace Corps teacher in Ethiopia.  After graduate school in African and Middle Eastern Studies, Jackson returned to Africa for two more years in the Peace Corps as an instructor of teachers in training in Swaziland.  That was followed by two more years teaching in Australia and a year of travel in Asia and Africa.

Shortly after arriving in Colorado more than three decades ago, Mr. Wolfe became the director of September School, a private alternative high school in Boulder.  Since then Jackson has been a trainer and intercultural consultant preparing American executives to live and work successfully in African and Middle Eastern countries as well as the UK, Netherlands, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia.  Jackson also trains and counsels Americans returning to the United States while they cope with the two things that have dramatically changed, themselves and our American culture.

In recent years Jackson has averaged about 20 public talks a year in Colorado on subjects such as: 9/11- What went wrong?,  ISIS, the basic tenets of Islam, the nuclear accords with Iran, P.M. Modi’s successes and frustrations in India, and the challenge of global terror.

Jackson Wolfe was a single parent of two boys who are now grown and his passions are tennis, friends, study, travel, and photography.

Jackson Wolfe and Poppy Copeland have been conducting intercultural trainings for over 35 years.  They have both been involved in preparing U.S.-based individuals, families and business groups for international assignments in dozens of different countries in Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and Africa.  In addition, they have conducted repatriation training for families and individuals on long term assignments outside of their home countries (most often Americans returning to the USA).  Participants in their programs are virtually always impressed with their professionalism and expertise.  I have personally learned a great deal from Poppy and Jackson, both in terms of country-specific information as well as various training techniques and approaches to handling family dynamics.

Dr. Ruth Bleuze, formerly of Prudential International

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