“Practicing compassion, caring for others and sharing their problems, lays the foundation for a meaningful life, not only at the level of the individual, family or community, but also for humanity as a whole.” — Dalai Lama


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Jill Fleishman, J.D., MTS

Pursuits CFO, Community Outreach Director

Jill Fleishman believes that raising awareness in the world, particularly with children and young adults, is essential to promoting understanding and respect of persons and ideas that are diverse from our own. Jill also believes that uniting in service alongside those who have differing points of view is crucial to building respect and integrity among all people. The foundations for this worldview are to be found primarily in Jill’s life experiences and in her interactions with the people who have been meaningful to her life – as well as in her A.B. (English) and J.D. degrees.

Since moving to Colorado almost five years ago, Jill has been transitioning in her professional life. In that search for what Frederick Buechner calls “the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need,” Jill has been led to study theology and is currently working on a Masters of Divinity degree. All of Jill’s family are the treasures in Jill’s life.

Jill’s position on the Board and contribution with Pursuits will be in keeping with her enthusiasm for implementing humanitarian service projects, her current study in spiritual care and direction, and her background in immigration law.



“Jill is a wonderful listener and brings a gentleness to every pastoral encounter. Her years of legal work helping international refugees is just one example of her commitment to social justice and actualizing her faith in the world.”

— Jason Barger, author of Step Back from the Baggage Claim.

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