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Joshua Coyle, BA

Joshua has spent the last ten years diving deep in to the working of the Universe and finding ways to bring that knowledge to others. Joshua is constantly learning and growing! Working with Pursuits allows him to continue that growth and help others along their path, to find the clarity needed to gain all of their desires, and to have the strength and confidence to tackle anything the world throws at them. Optimism is a quality that Joshua brings to any situation and aspires to awaken and expand that quality in anyone and everyone he works with. Joshua’s life motto is that the Universe loves you and wants you to be happy!

Joshua has spent the past five years learning and developing a broad, yet strong, set of managerial and technical skills – specializing in managing multilingual media/marketing projects and programs. Large volume, high budget client projects involving management of projects till completion, audio/video scheduling and engineering, and creation/integration of content. Joshua has worked with multiple teams and departments around the world to bring everything together from start to finish, into one final product that exceed expectations.

Joshua enjoys being challenged, addressing problems/finding solutions, and collaborating with many different teams. Attention to detail, efficiency and organization are my strongest qualities. Joshua is a people person who enjoys clear, open communication and helping to direct each step of a project.

One thing to know about Joshua is his desire to improve things on a large scale; making a difference is what fuels him. He is passionate about guiding and creating a fun and conscious workflow and space. He is actively working towards building new skills, specifically in Marketing, Project Management, Analytics, and Coordination.


“Without love in a dream, it will never come true.”


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