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Michael McCrea

Michael McCrea is a Realtor in Boulder where he lives with his wife, Jessica, and daughter, Sara. He helps clients to succeed with real estate goals, that in turn support their family, career and investment goals. He understands how to take an idea or a wish and move it into an effective process where the dream is realized into lasting change for his clients. Boulder and the surrounding townships are an awesome place for Michael to work, with many of his clients coming from the scientific, academic, and creative communities. He is always amazed at the brilliant and remarkable people who choose to make Boulder their home.

Before real estate, Michael worked in the film and television industries for almost twenty years. He spent many years working in sound and picture editorial on documentaries, trailers and commercials. Michael also spent ten years doing set decoration in commercials and episodic television. Michael’s background in art, photography, and design has always driven his professional endeavors, but in the end, the personal story is what he finds the most meaningful. He is always listening closely to what people care about the most and at the very least, acting as a witness to their humanity.

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