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Morey Bean, MA, Architect

In the midst of what Friar Richard Rohr terms his ‘second half of life’, architect and coach Morey Bean brings thoughtful coaching with the foundation of over 30 successful years in the business, non-profit and governmental worlds in service to building occupants and their architectural patrons, our natural environment and to our benevolent, spiritual and governmental bodies.

After a prosperous urban design and architecture career, Morey works as a coach and facilitator in what the Center for Courage and Renewal’s Parker Palmer calls circles of trust, bringing teams and groups into right relations with themselves, their passions, purposes and missions. As co-host of the Boulder U.Lab Hub in conjunction with MIT’s Presencing Institute, Morey co-creates Case Clinics, Sensing Journeys and Prototype Development for private, non-profit and governmental groups.

As co-creator of the Boulder Impact Cinema, Morey helps social documentary filmmakers expand the impact of their films by assisting the communities that their films reveal, adding thoughtful gatherings and conversations to the film’s screening. Morey is a board member of the Family Learning Center in Boulder, as well as an active member of the First Congregational Church of Boulder, UCC.

He has been on the National Roster of Neutrals for the American Arbitration Association, and the General Services Administration’s National Roster of Peer Professionals. He was honored by the Colorado Component of the American Institute of Architects as their Architect of the Year in 1999 for service to the State of Colorado and his community. In his co-creative work with Boulder Builds With Standing Rock, Morey has designed a contemporary hogan shelter, the first of which is now under construction. These small, warm ‘yurts’ can be quickly, safely and easily assembled and disassembled in service to transitional communities of conflict and in eco-villages that include folks who are facing homelessness.

“There are only two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einsten


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