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Natalya Walsworth, EdS, NCSP

Natalya has had a passion for helping people (of all ages) overcome behavioral and environmental challenges for 18 years. She attended the University of Colorado from 1994-1998, graduating with a degree in Psychology. Throughout her undergraduate studies, she supplemented her experience by volunteering at preschool programs and assisting with youth diversion programs through the Boulder District Attorney’s office. After graduation, she enrolled in the School Psychology graduate degree program at CU Denver and focused her studies on Affective Special Education and School Psychology. She also worked as a Special Education teacher in a residential treatment facility for children 12-18 years old and ultimately graduated with honors and received an Education Specialist degree in 2002.

After practicing as a school Psychologist in Boulder Valley and Adams 14 for 10 years, Natalya’s area of interest and expertise is focused on parenting. It is her passion and she has chosen to focus her life and career in this area. She has joined the Pursuits Network to serve the parenting needs of our community and she is excited for her new partnerships.

Natalya chose this path of becoming a parenting coach because she has witnessed so many parents in a struggle to enjoy their life long dream of becoming a mom or a dad. She wants parents to be able to form a trusting relationship with a knowledgeable professional, one who has children of her own and has experienced the difficulties associated with raising children. Through the consultation experience, you will have the opportunity to be a part of creating a family plan that meets your needs. Ultimately the goal will be to enjoy the life you have created with your children.
Will it be hard? Most likely, yes. Will it be worth it? Without a doubt.

“My husband and I are so grateful for Natalya’s expertise and guidance with several parenting issues we have had throughout the year. Natalya has educated us on possible testing for our son and which tests would be helpful as well as how to communicate our son’s needs with his classroom teacher. I’ve also enjoyed having someone to talk to who truly understands the challenges of parenting. For example, my children were arguing all the time and Natalya came over to teach them how to argue in a respectful manner. My children loved her and it worked! I feel more relaxed knowing I can call her any time if we have a difficult issue with the kids. Whether it’s sleep issues, tantrums, food battles etc… Natalya has valuable tools that will help you ease through these difficult stages. We can’t thank her enough for all of her guidance throughout the year.” M.E

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