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Nikki Stansfield

Nikki Stansfield is the owner and lead consultant for Next Horizon Consulting, LLC, which evolved from her 20 years of working with organizations, groups and individuals to empower them to recognize potential, identify goals and realize dreams. Nikki’s attention to detail and ability to listen carefully and intuitively to clients’ needs and desires is key to her success.

What Nikki loves to do…

  • Coach individuals and teams to help them develop innovations for professional growth.
  • Implement professional development that engages and mentally stretches participants.

What Nikki brings to an individual, team or organization…

  • An enthusiastic and results driven approach.
  • Excellent facilitation and coaching skills.
  • The ability to help clients visualize a goal and break it down into discernible parts and timelines so that it is accessible, viable and achievable.


Nikki provides coaching for individuals that have a professional change they want to make, a dream they want to fulfil or a goal they want accomplish.  She is there to encourage and support the development of personal action plans and provide guidance during a life exploration or a change process.  Her coaching model is grounded in the belief that her clients are capable, whole and creative individuals who have the power to make positive change in their lives.  She received training as a professional coach through the Martha Beck Institute and is also a trained Mindfulness educator.

Nikki’s expertise also includes the creation and implementation of presentations and professional development for local, regional and national audiences.  Nikki is experienced in the assessment of professional development needs to inform the creation and delivery of differentiated learning sessions for continuous employee professional growth and improvement. She has collaborated with business owners to facilitate the development of a professional work culture in which employees are compelled to offer more of their capability and potential.  Nikki earned her M.Ed. in Human Resource Studies with a focus on Staff & Organizational Development from Colorado State University.  She is also a certified OneLife Tools Narrative Assessment and Who You Are Matters!  facilitator.  In addition, she has completed masters level work in the area of Cultural and Linguistically Diverse Awareness and Education through Regis University.

“And suddenly you know… It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.” Eckhart Tolle

Interested in Working with this Coach?

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