Paul King Robinson, MA

As an executive coach, Paul’s stock-­in­-trade is the ability to create highly beneficial shifts in perspective such that clients see what’s possible, dispel the obstacles to progress, and commit to pursuing their very best at work and beyond.

“I tailor-make a program of objectives and practices, arising directly from your needs, aspirations, and values, such that you have more in your Work that matters – increased enjoyment, impact, & profitability – and less of what gets in the way.”

Starting in the early 1990s Paul spent 15 years as a family therapist, trainer, psychologist and consultant in the fields of addiction, adult & child community mental health, stopping-violence, and psycho-education programming, across multiple health settings in New Zealand and the US.

In 1997 Paul cofounded The Family Therapy Team at the Waitemata District Health Board (Auckland), charged with the mission of training students, helping families, and educating local health service teams in systemic perspectives and interventions. Paul has taught meditation, led life-skills programs, consulted to health-care providers on managing challenging client populations, and helped facilitate men’s personal development intensives.

Having left the health field in 2006, and after time spent in HR administration and leadership roles for The Shambhala Mountain Center, Paul’s relationship and individual coaching practice increasingly focused on helping entrepreneurs and business leaders gain greater enjoyment and satisfaction from their work lives, retire gracefully, or go after their next career opportunity.

From a renewed interest in organizational development, DojoCultureSM emerged as a way of reliably building more collaborative and effective teams by evolving the relational practices of individuals at all levels of an organization:

“Their endeavors become increasingly competitive, flexible, and innovative, while simultaneously serving deeply the needs and aspirations of each participant and stakeholder. These are the kinds of gains available to those business leaders willing to explore and update their work culture in pursuit of the future they dream of.”

Paul believes work is personal; it should feel important and a blast, and it can be the container within which we cook up a better Us.


“And many thanks to Paul King-Robinson for helping me get started down this path. If any of you are feeling stuck, this man is a Master Coach.”

— M.B., Building Consultant Engineer 


Something we were withholding made us weak

Until we found it was ourselves


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