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Rebecca Lynn

Rebecca spent 25 years as a corporate executive; negotiating contracts, creating strategic business plans, and joint ventures, developing and leading cross-sales teams, and coaching CEOs, teams, and individuals within organizations. One of her greatest assets is her ability to connect with people, and to cultivate relationships.

She is compassionate, intuitive, and thoroughly enjoys helping others to break through areas in their lives where they feel stuck, by helping them to see new possibilities so they can move forward, and obtain new results. She firmly believes that the answers to each person’s deepest professional and personal questions lie within. Rebecca has both inherent and trained capabilities to help support her clients in clearly defining their questions and culling both the questions and the answers. The roots of her work are based in ontological coaching. One of the aspects of ontological coaching that helps her clients is the practice of key dispositions to use in work or life, such as: Stability, Flexibility, Openness and Resolution. She stands with you and partners with you through your entire coaching process and believes that ongoing support during certain phases of life is essential to growth.

Rebecca is a deep listener, and works closely with her clients to peel back their stories, so they may find the real issue that often resides beneath the story.

When working with individuals or teams, on a corporate or personal level, her goal is to customize her work with the client to suit their needs and to facilitate the achievement of the desired results. In this regard, she calls her work a co-creative process.

Specialties: Corporate Leadership, Teams, Staff Development and Retention, Strategic and Business Development, Life Coaching

“Rebecca offers a service that is confidential, thought-provoking and challenges you to think outside the box, helping to develop solid new pathways and open your mind to new possibilities”. Bronwyn Angel, Cayman Free Press

The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. Albert Einstein

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