Sasha Raskin


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Sasha Raskin, MA

Innovation and Leadership Specialist
Energetic, creative, multipotentiate

My name is Sasha Raskin and I am committed to helping my clients become more energized, empowered and aligned in their journeys to personal and professional success and healing.

I am a career, business and ADD/ADHD Coach and Psychotherapist with offices in Boulder and Denver. I have 10 years of experience working in the mental health field with individuals, couples, families and groups. I have also worked with at-risk youth and people in recovery. My background is both unique and different from many therapists because of the many cultures and countries I belong to and have had the privilege to call my home.

I was born in Russia to Jewish parents, a doctor and an engineer. In the early 1990’s, my family immigrated to Israel. I was 7-years old. My parents struggled to gain work in their professions due language barriers, making it difficult to financially support our family. At the age of 13, I discovered music–it changed everything. I dove in and dedicated my time and energy into studying, playing and composing, but I still felt depressed and lacked a career direction. I focused on trying to go into a profession that promised a high salary, so I went to school for business and tried several areas of study. For six years, I wavered in and out of different career fields and felt miserable. When I finally realized that psychology was my career path, I also identified something else: I struggled with ADD/ADHD. I spent hours researching how ADD/ADHD affects the body and the mind and discovered effective ways of transforming these challenges into strengths. My experiences and the knowledge I gained became a catalyst, a jumping block to the next big move in my journey. I wanted to help others with mental health issues and career exploration as a Coach and Psychotherapist. I began working with a coach that helped me confront my uncertainty and we created a successful, new vision for my life.

In Boulder, I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams and I credit the foundation to this success to the preparation and support I received from my coach. While roaring through my studies and completing my degree at Naropa, I also made a lucrative profession with my music and recording skills.

In my practice, I use multiple psychology-based and coaching modalities, such as Contemplative Psychotherapy, Motivational Interviewing, Adlerian Life Coaching and ACT as well as mindfulness and movement practices and artistic/creative practices. I work with each individual client and group to gain a sense of what therapeutic modalities will best support their unique needs. The list of tools I use is extensive, but ultimately, I draw from my reservoir of knowledge and experience and choose the best approaches to support my clients’ growth and healing journeys. While balancing both a successful coaching and therapy practice, I also empower youth to record and release their own music through a program aimed at substance abuse prevention, called Natural High Records.

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