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Sonja Hellman, Ph.D.

Sonja Hellman-Bogumill is a Licensed Psychologist with a private practice in Boulder, CO. She received her B.S. in Psychology from Santa Clara University, and her M.A. and Ph.D. both in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University. Dr. Hellman completed her training in county mental health and public schools, supporting children, teachers, and families from a solution focused perspective.

I practice a combination of narrative therapy, family systems therapy, and cognitive behavioral therapy. My aim is to be respectful, to always remember that I don’t know your experience, and to maintain a curious position while I help you find your way to where you want to be. I have served on the Board of   Pursuits Coaching since its inception and am excited to support such a great team.

I am certified in Rapid Resolution Therapy. It was designed specifically to help clear trauma, but is great for panic attack, anxiety, weight loss, smoking cessation, and sleep.

“I am so thankful for your help, support, humor, wisdom and confidence in me. When I was looking for counselors this fall I was in a very helpless state, and you have exceeded my expectations and hopes so many times the past few months. I have never felt like I could confide and trust someone the way I have with you, and your patient guidance has been so amazing. Your tips and insight are priceless to me and I value my time with you so much. It is my hope that I can be as influential in someone’s life as you have been in mine. Knowing that I have someone to help me every week has pulled me through a lot, and I cannot thank you enough.”

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