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Our talented professional coaches will help empower you to design and implement a step-by-step plan to create the change you need for you and your team.

  1. Would you love to increase a sense of respect, clarity, purpose and mission in your workplace?
  2. Would you love to have an aligned, strength- based team of empowered leaders filled with purpose?
  3. What would a truly successful work environment look and feel like? Would you love to know the “secret sauce” to build relational engagement and connection?

Reach your vision today with Pursuits!

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Our year long Quest for Success program of assessment, training and development and coaching to reach your goals in a measurable way

Leadership and Business Coaching

Training and Professional Development

Human Resource Consultation

Business Cohorts for Leaders for Growth and Accountability

Professional Mediation and Dispute Resolution

Molly Steele

You know that person who “always” seems to have a camera with them? They are clicking away any chance they get – from grand celebrations

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Nathan Paul Womack

Nathan Paul Womack is the Founder/CEO of Outsource Locally. Outsource Locally provides professional, on-demand IT, website and social media products and services for businesses. His

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Jason Moore

After graduating from The Pennsylvania State University in 1997, Jason had a dream to travel the world, but only $1500 in the bank along with

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Brooks Witter, MA, LPC

I am committed to modeling and teaching skills that help individuals and organizations thrive. Through playful, creative and disciplined engagement, I work to clarify core

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Nikki Stansfield

Nikki Stansfield is the owner and lead consultant for Next Horizon Consulting, LLC, which evolved from her 20 years of working with organizations, groups and

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