Designing a Life of Purpose and Passion

Designing a Life of Purpose and Passion


I am passionate about identifying tools, resources and services that offer support and guidance through the stages of change and transition that are necessary to achieve a life of purpose. An achievement that can bring greater meaning and joy to your life. To move from uncertainty to greater clarity at any given stage or juncture requires a navigational process that offers direction and an increase in leadership.

Role Model for Creating a Life of Purpose and Passion

I love the use of metaphors. As many of you know, my father founded a family company gaining great notoriety as home designers, interior decorating and home building. The concept of building lives as they build homes is a wonderful correlation in tribute to their hard work, wisdom and success. There are many similarities we share in the process of change as we navigate closer to a life of purpose. Here are a few.

Allow Your Inner Designer to Emerge and Unfold

To increase confidence and courage to imagine and create our own vision is vital in living authentically to what is deeply desired at each stage of our lives. Is it time to move beyond our comfort zone to take risks and grow? A little time everyday, even 5 to 10 minutes in stillness can be given to consider this question..Curiosity can lead to clarity when mindful.

Design Your Own Blueprint for a Life of Purpose

Whose blueprint are you living? Is it one of your own design, or the blueprint of others’ expectations. The question that is needed is …what purpose does my life serve now? Am I living in a way that offers my strengths aligned with my core values? What brings life joy? What resonates? What do I want to create for my life, my family, the culture of my company, school or organization?


Choose the Tool That Fits You

If you need a hammer, get a hammer. The understanding of what each change requires can sometimes be daunting. What resources or services do you need to move forward?

See the Big Picture and Take Small Steps Toward Achieving a Life of Purpose

Creating change takes “grit” or tenacity. Rome was not built in a day. Ask anyone who has lived through a remodeling project or a newly built home. Patience is required as each and every step is taken. Strengthening belief, hope and faith grows muscle! The joy can be in the process as well as the outcome of achieving our hopes and dreams!

What do you want to design in your life or business right now? Allow yourself the space to imagine and create. Pursuits can support you every step of the way!
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  1. Shar, Great article. There are a lot analogies Lila and I have used in counseling people in ministry from what we have learned through a lifetime of designing and building homes. We are going to be meeting with Aaron and Amberley tomorrow about their career/family path. I’m going to have them read your article and your amazing insight.
    I am so proud of you.

    1. Hey Ron,
      Thanks for your post! I just now saw this- 🙂 Thanks for sharing it with Aaron and Amberley. Yes, we have been given such rich imagery and lessons from the work of you and Dad in designing and building! Thanks for all your love and support!

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