• Are you wondering how to strengthen your sense of self and clarify your voice?

  • Would you love to learn and grow with a supportive group of women to create a vision, dream and dare?

  • Do you want to find out how to get out of your own way?

  • Would the creation of SMART and additional accountability help you increase your impact?

  • NEW: Online Offering!


January 11th:  Courage

  • Discussion Topics: Discovering Core Beliefs, Passion,  Honoring Self, Personal Accountability
  • Inspiration: Brené Brown, Rollo May

February 8th:  Inner Peace

  • Discussion Topics: Clarity, Strength, Evolution, Emotions, Environmental Impacts
  • Inspiration:  Remez Sasson, Dalai Lama, Martha Beck

March 8th:  Reinforcement of Personal Strengths

  • Discussion Topics: Effectiveness Development, Balance, Energizing
  • Inspiration:  Martha Beck

April 12th:  Emotional Intelligence

  • Discussion Topics: EQ, Empathy, Listening practices
  • Inspiration:  Dan Goleman, Pauline Oliveros, Travis Bradberry

May 10th:  Stress Management

  • Discussion Topics: Time Management, Dealing with the Physiological Effects of Stress, Creativity
  • Inspiration:  Laura Vanderkamp, Jen Delaney

June 7th:  Self Leadership

  • Discussion Topics: Powering Through Limiting Beliefs, Executing Your Plan Effectively
  • Inspiration: Jeff Olsen, Ken Blanchard
Empowerment Cohort for Women


Cost: $380.00 for six sessions
Days: TBA
Location:  Can be given online or in person.

Merix Gustin, Leadership Coach & Director of Operations

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