Dare to Lead

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Wouldn’t it be great to hear from and speak to leaders like yourself who are also seeking to advance the interpersonal and business skills that make great leaders and organizations thrive?

  • Collaboration, connection and creativity have never been more important for leaders, both in life and business, than they are today.
  • Professional cohorts bring leaders together to gather, share, and apply wisdom and principles for effective living and organizational success.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Dates and Topics:
Small Group Setting

  • September 12: Overview of the Cohort Principles and Meet the Coaches
  • September 19: Know Thyself Principles for Self-Leadership
  • September 26: Increase Trust and Commitment
  • October 3: Create a Culture of Appreciation and Engagement
  • October 10: Build Colleague Maps: Develop an Effective Team Starting from Strengths
  • October 17: Increase Emotional Intelligence, Inclusion and Voice
  • October 24: Review and Develop Communication and Conflict Skills
  • October 31: Build an Organization with Purpose: Knowing Your Mission, Vision and Why
  • November 7: Pay it Forward: How to Create a Business and Life of Impact


Cost: $380.00 for eight sessions

Days: Every Tues. 7:30-9:00am

Address:  1877 Broadway Boulder, CO 80302 (Impact Hub)

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Cohort Perks:

  • In our leadership cohort, Emerging Leaders, members learn and grow together as we dive into the practices of evidence-based interpersonal skills, explore purpose and strengths through a multi-generational lens and discover what foundational principles make relationships truly thrive!

  • The Emerging Leaders Cohort is designed for leaders of any age or level that value collaborative learning and desire to model purposeful leadership!

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Sharla Macy, CEO

Relationship and Leadership Coach

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