Emily is a humanistic, client-centered Clinical Psychotherapist with a Masters degree in Clinical/Counseling Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2007. She practiced as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Illinois, and is a registered Psychotherapist and LPC candidate in Colorado. Emily has years of experience working with individuals of diverse backgrounds in a variety of settings, including outpatient mental health clinics, residential treatment and schools.

Emily has a unique ability to connect with adolescents and families, having spent four years as a Middle School Counselor. She is skilled in assisting parents and teens with healthy communication patterns and conflict resolution. Emily also specializes in working with the young adult population and college-age students. She completed her graduate practicum as a therapist at Benedictine University Counseling Center where she provided psychotherapy for university students. Emily has specific training working with individuals struggling with life transitions, feeling stuck, relationship issues, managing life crises, stress, depression and anxiety, among others. She has ten years of direct practice in crisis intervention as well as individual, couples, family and group therapy. Emily is also a trained Equine Therapist and she continues to explore evolving therapy practices for her professional growth and her clients’ unique needs.

In assisting clients, Emily uses talk therapy, relaxation exercises, guided visualizations, meditation, and mindfulness-based behavioral therapy, among others. Emily’s theoretical approach is eclectic, stemming from Psychodynamic and solution-focused therapy. Her counseling approach with clients is warm, nurturing, compassionate, patient and soothing. She works through issues with clients, instills courage and motivates growth. A more insightful awareness of patterns of behavior, finding harmonious balance in life and unveiling one’s authentic self are goals of therapy.

Being from a small town community in Illinois and then residing in the city of Chicago for six years and traveling to various places including Istanbul, Turkey, Emily has experienced diverse cultures which have contributed to her own personal growth. In her life’s-path pursuit, she moved to Boulder in 2010. Emily is excited to now be part of the healing practices of beautiful Colorado. Emily is extremely passionate in her life’s work as a helper, as it is her calling and life purpose.

 “As a freshman in college, I was feeling completely overwhelmed and very lost. I started seeing Emily for therapy and she helped me to sort through all the confusion and start to see the bigger picture. We worked together on managing my anxiety and now I have ways I cope with it when it comes up.” -Benedictine University student

“Sometimes you must get completely lost before you ever find yourself. Exhale. You are on your path.

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