What is Your Vision of Success?

We empower organizations to build a culture of inclusion, trust, innovation and respect in order to embody  core values, mission and commitment.

Quest for Success is a whole-company growth model that creates lasting employee engagement, personal development, and loyalty.

• Customizable plan options
• Integrated applied-learning
• Multi-method content delivery

Our mission with QUEST FOR SUCCESS is to cultivate the well-being, relational strength and talent of your organization. We will collaborate with you to customize and design cutting edge services to empower you and your team to achieve your goals.

Generate knowledge – Apply through practice – Experience lasting growth.

Your employees are your future.  It’s time to create a customized plan for your organization!

Contact Sharla Macy directly at  l for your initial consultation to embark on your Quest for Success.

Pursuits provides a broad range of extensive client services offered for increased wellness, relational happiness and career success.

We believe that the investment you make in the optimal health and performance of your team will provide a shared workplace that instills motivation, productivity and growth in moving your organization to the next level. We are there for you, every step of the way for your every success!