Time Commitment

Diversity and Inclusion

Workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion approaches that support companies, executives, teams, and managers in being the leaders needed in the demographic and market reality of their companies in the 21st Century.  

Growing awareness of the business case for diversity and inclusion keeps mounting. Evidence of the correlation between the inclusion and equity of diverse groups in the workforce and in the marketplace is seen by many successful companies as a source of competitive advantage and a main enabler of growth.  

As part of our Diversity and Inclusion, we offer the following tailored approaches:

  • Consultation on strategy, rollout, maintenance, and measurement
  • Company and personal assessments and diagnostics
  • Session design and delivery
  • Inclusive leadership coaching

Time Commitment

One day session (8 hours)

Hourly consultation based on project scope

Other Related Services*

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training sessions
  • Global cross-cultural relocation sessions (in-bound and out-bound)
  • Global diversity and inclusion consultation (versus U.S. domestic approaches)
  • Global leadership development skills and virtual environments
  • Working across cultures sessions

*On-line delivery of training sessions on most topics above

Delivery in English, Spanish and other languages

Rebooting Sexual-Harassment Prevention in the Workplace

A new, innovative and fresh approach to engaging learners and empowering minds!

Daily news of sexual harassment in the workplace has demonstrated that commonly used on-line training and compliance approaches in organizations have not worked. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, human resource organizations and social movements call for a better and more effective approach to employer’s efforts and commitment to foster fairness, safety and equity to all in the workplace. Now is the time to reboot your energies and start with fresh approaches.

This engaging learning session uses real case scenarios and expressions of sexual misconduct to illustrate physical, written and verbal harassment. It includes text messaging, quid pro quo, sexual orientation and sexualized environments that impact off work behavior. Designed to educate and empower participants to have the courage to speak up for themselves and for others and to create workplaces that are free of sexual harassment. We also explore respectful ways to engage with others in the workplace.

Time Commitment

One-day session (8 hours)

10 Day, 1 ½ hour modules each day


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