Elizabeth D.

I was a member of a Pursuits Women’s Empowerment Group for about 6 months. At the time, my personal life was going through some difficult changes and my professional life felt stagnant. My entire life I have had close female friends who I admire and love and I am extremely close to my sisters and mother. I have learned so much from them all, I never really thought I was “the type” who would get much out of a Women’s Empowerment Group or that I needed extra support. Turns out I was wrong! There is something about women who don’t know each other, coming together to learn from each other, to grow together and to build on each other’s lessons and energy so that we can take steps to improve our lives. Sharla and Linda were ideal mentors to our group. They definitely served as the guides and sage mentors of the group but they also encouraged us to partake in decisions about how the group could best operate and learn together. Although the learning was not always easy for any of us, we all came away feeling better able to tackle challenges, make important life decisions and be better listeners and support for others. I made some decisions about both my personal and professional life that I doubt I would have done without the inspiration and support of this group!

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