Why Coaching?

Why Coaching?

Do you need a coach?  Only if you want to be sure that you reach and stay at the top of your game!  Professional athletes understand that they never get to a point that they no longer need coaching.  Athletes know that they can only realize their full potential with the support and input that comes from a professional coach.

Business professionals are no different.  Without professional coaching, we can only work to improve what we are already aware needs attention.  We can only make break throughs and reach higher levels when we are encouraged to go beyond what we are currently doing.  A professional coach brings you possibilities and encourages you to think beyond what you already know you can accomplish.  Coaching guides you beyond what you are currently aware of.  Each of us sets achievement goals that we feel are what we can do.  When we share those goals with a coach they can be the mirror that we can use to see ourselves more clearly and to honestly evaluate if our goals are really all that we can achieve or if there’s more potential in us that we just didn’t see.

Beyond helping us to see our true potential, a coach often sees things in us that we don’t see.  A coach can challenge you to stretch and to push beyond limits that you set on yourself.  Sometimes this is simply a case of a coach helping you to see that you are selling yourself short and encouraging you to boldly engage.  Getting honest input and support from a coach provides you with a foundation of confidence to build on.  A coach will also bring you a different perspective and new information that will provide you with more material to use as you continually improve yourself professionally.

Perhaps as important as any of this is that a coach creates a safe zone where you can explore possibilities, talk out issues, and consider various courses of action before you act on something or share thoughts in situations where you will be negatively impacted by unintended consequences.  Having a coach who helps you think things through and helps you reflect on both your desired outcomes and the potential for unintended fallout prior to action on your part is a wise investment that is an element of reaching and staying at the top of your game no matter what sort of professional you are!


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